Mailgun is not loving your login or password

I had cause to reset my SMTP password in mailgun.
I re-ran the discourse set up ( twice double checking the password)
but I still cannot send email.
I followed the help at This Question and found the message “Mailgun is not loving your login or password”
The login has not changed and I have double checked the new password.

Are you confusing the API key and the smtp password?


I dont think so.
The only thing I changed was DISCOURSE_SMTP_PASSWORD in Discourse Setup and the password in MailGun

And it came from somewhere that looked like this? (Except there’s a green “verified” box instead of “unverified”.)

Yes. Only with my domain name instead of and different IP Address, API Key and password.

You want the password, though, not the API Key.

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Yes the default password.
I have checked several times
Could there be some expectation about the password? Over 26 characters for example?

I have only started look at MX records etc because I don’t know what else to check.

In discourse set up I was using the SMTP email address however the mailgun login is just Which one should I change?

You should use the one that mailgun said to use. So take discourse out of the username.


I got confused because the 30 minute set up instructions had []:
and did actually work for me at first strangely.

That’s the default username for mailgun. It appears that yours somehow got changed.