Chat activity indicator not being cleared responsively enough

I noticed that the activity indicator is kind of a hit or miss.
I am wondering if it might be a better practice to just dismiss the activity dot once you click on the specific chat channel you have notifications in?
Because it seems (and I could be wrong) that you need to go through some/all unread messages and wait a few seconds before it disappears.

(not sure if this is best for bug or ux )

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Yes there’s a delay (a debounce more exactly) so if you change channels fast you might not register the unread state.

There’s an argument to say that if it went that fast, did you really read it? I agree there are cases where it’s not perfect, but I consider it working decently for now. I don’t plan any change to this in the short/mid term sorry.

I appreciate your opinion although I disagree. I think once you click onto a chat (which is a user choice) then you expect the notification to clear and not estimate how long it takes you to read a message. Especially when it’s a chat (as opposed to say, a thorough conversation on a topic).

Think of your (not-so) friendly WhatsApp group messages, sometimes you just want to quickly tap in, see if someone you actually care about :sweat_smile: wrote something and then exit.

Is there a simple way for others to at least tweak this setting at all?

Thanks for your time & attention!

If you wrote something, that will clear, 100%, or it’s an unknown bug.

Thanks! But otherwise without writing is there are a way to tweak it? Is there a trigger job for the event that marks the channel as ‘read’ ?

It’s supposed to be mark as read when you react bottom of channel. It can not happen if you reach bottom and change channel, there’s a debounce delay, so if the debounce hits just before reaching last message, and right after your scroll to bottom and then change to another channel then it won’t call server.

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