Issue with mark as read chat message


There was some report in our Community about the chat message read state not working correctly. The unread badge still there if they read all message in the channel. Finally, today we figured out what’s causing this.


  1. Write a message in a channel with userA. (the unread badge will show up to userB (non-staff))
  2. As a staff delete the message what userA sent.
  3. Open the channel with userB. (userB can’t read the message and the unread badge won’t disappear. Even if try it with Shift + esc combination.)

It seems this is happening if the channel latest message has been removed by a staff. If a new message comes the unread badge disappear.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes we have a ticket for this internally will be fixed next week probably :+1:


I believe this has been fixed in:

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