Chat channel fine tune (read-only) access permissions

For creating a chat channel based on the security of the category, I think Dave mentioned that the “reply” right allows users to see and post in the chat channel.

However, we would like users who can only “see” in the category to also only “see” the channel messages but not be able to participate in the chat. The rationale is that we want to encourage users at trust level 0 to view the channel. But to prevent abuse, they should be allowed to post into the chat only when they upgrade to trust level 1 or even trust level 2, depending on the channel settings. Is this something that team plan to do ? thanks


We had things working this way (kind of) for a little while, but then decided not to do it for the time being because it was a bit more complex than we had expected and it wasn’t yet clear to us that people would really want or need something like this.

I’m not sure whether we’ll revisit that decision or not, but it’s helpful to know when there’s a need for it, so thanks for sharing this here.

I’m not sure if this would address your needs, but you could try setting this to 1. Perhaps something like that, in combination with a particular channel for trust level 1 users to help onboard them to chat until they reach trust level 1 would be the best option for now?

Screenshot 2023-08-05 at 2.25.46 PM