Chat Default Channel ID doesn't seem to work for me

I’ve tried to set the chat default channel id in the Site Settings on my Discourse instance to various chat IDs, for example, 2, which I believe is the chat ID in the URL scheme below:

And yet it continues to show me the chat channel with ID 1, which is currently the staff channel.

I know the code first checks whether I have any mentions or unread messages:

…and I don’t, so I’m not sure why it’s not falling back to the default chat_default_channel_id I set in the settings, as I’m confident I set it in the settings and that I have access to the chat channel with ID 2.

Any ideas what might be happening or where I could look for more detail into what’s going wrong?

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Same here. It shows the lowest ID that is category dependent and is allowed to a user, but the lowest ID not apply when channel is connected to a topic.

And I’m using the newest version (git pull and rebuilding) In the meaning was the newest about 15 minutes ago when I wrote this. Sorry that I don’t give version but I’m using Hub and jumping around forums is just too hard :wink:


Yeah I can reproduce this - I’ll take a look


@jimkleiber @Jagster I merged a fix for this and the setting should be respected after you deployed.


Thanks! It works.

I have to like your ”I’ll take a look” post because I can’t like the latest twice.


Works for me, too. Thank you!

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