Chat icon shows on header for users that don't have access to chat

Currently it seems the chat icon always shows. I’d expect it to not show if a user doesn’t have access to channels or personal messages.

I’ve just given this a quick run-through on my test site and I’m not seeing this?

Busting down my test user to TL0 while chat allowed groups is TL1 makes the chat bubble and sidebar chat UI disappear.

Oh, hang on. Do you mean something like this @nolo:

  • Create TL1 test user
  • Set chat allowed groups to TL1
  • Set direct message enabled groups to TL2
  • Create category for TL2
  • Create public chat channel in TL2 category (and no others)

Chat bubble displays, but no chats are accessible:


Oh wow, how did you figure that out!? :smile:

Yes, I also just realized that is exactly the combination: chat is generally enabled for the group, but not on personal messages. Then, there are no channels for that group and when they open chat the modal is empty.

I guess can’t call this a bug though? A weird combination of pushing buttons…

edit: thought a combination that might come up more commonly could be:

  • chat allowed for everyone
  • direct messages only for staff
  • no channel for a specific group

I took it to be adjudicated and it came back as… :drum: :drum: :drum:ux - but still something that we want to improve on. :+1: I’m not sure on the priority/timeline just yet, but it’s been absorbed into the mix. :slight_smile: