Chat number indicator is illegible when there is more than 100 notifications

I noticed that the chat number indicator looks broken when there is more than 100.

One solution could be to display 99+ when there is more that 100.

I will be happy to create a pull request if no one is working on it. The chat plugin is inside the discourse base code right ?


I think @chapoi has had some thoughts about this before… should it follow the style we use elsewhere where the container can grow to fit the content (and becomes more pill-shaped in the process?)

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 11.24.48 AM



Yes, I think a combination would be best because even 99+ doesn’t fit.

So set something as the maximum and use the same styling as on the chat-index page on mobile so it adapts.

Perhaps it should be 999+ as maximum?

Coincidentally, I am just reworking the unread indicator! So this should be fixed soonish.


This has been fixed in


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