Child category inheriting topic template from parent category

Hi there,

Is there a way to have topics posted in child categories have the topic template that was set on the parent category?

Our forum has a lot of child categories that ideally would inherit topic templates from their parent category to avoid lots of copy/pasting and “needing to make the same change many times”

Is this possible?


Not at the moment, I can think of a couple of alternatives here:

  • If the updates only happen once every month or so and really there are lots of child categories, we can help by running a script for you that does the inheritance

  • We can write a custom plugin for you that would do the “sync” automatically.

  • I think, we can even swing a theme component for this… which is pretty cool. (when you save a particular category have it save the template into all children)

Automatic inheritance of permission and other attributes is a feature we have avoided building due to complexity.

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