Chinese (Taiwan) Translations

Lately @dfpoon completed the zh_TW translations mostly single-handed! :tada:

However I found a few strings that were marked reviewed a long time ago to be incorrect. Specifically regarding “user’s title in profile” being translated as “post title”. Is there any way we can correct this? cc/@fantasticfears


I just made use of the Chinese (China) zh_CN translation and converted the simplified chinese to traditional chinese. It’s just a workaround, the translation may not be perfect in the eyes of traditional Chinese users. But it should be better than no translation at all.

Can u offer the link to “user’s title in profile” ? I can offer some suggestions.

BTW, how can I be upgraded to be a “reviewer”? I think I can approve some of the simplest translations, like date formats and currency formats.


Sure @techapj can approve you,


Here’s the one:

I’ve also put in a “problematic comment” for the entry. But its appears to be general across languages, not particularly useful to address specific translation issues.

You are now reviewer for Chinese (Taiwan) language.

Thanks for contributing translations. :heart:


Translations always need the effort from the contributors to review. It’s difficult for me to translate properly for the Traditional Chinese. Those phrases are distinct from my knowledge. There are some techniques to automatically convert the translation from the simplified like Wikipedia, but it’s always the dedicated contributors who tweak the phrases to make them looking proper.

Thanks you and @dfpoon for the translation!



Here are two other reviewed strings that mistaken user title with post title:

Edit Title

Save Title

Here’s another inaccurate translation of “Topics”, which should be “number of topics” that were already in transifex suggestions. However it’s a reviewed text so I can’t change it:標題

I’ve cancelled the “reviewed” statuses and copied your suggestions. I will leave it open for others to review.

I’ve just cancelled the “reviewed” status. Please offer your suggestion there.