🇨🇳 Strange translation in Chinese Simplified 关于discourse的中文本地化

I noticed a lot translation have been changed for Chinese Simplified during recently discourse updates.

Not sure if it’s a result of the mentioned agency.

Those updated translation are not very wrong, but genereally we use specical set of words to describe behaviors in a forum.

For example, for js.topic.suggest_create_topic, the translation used to be like “ready to start a new topic?” and after the update, it’s more like “ready to start a new conversation/chat”.

And, the word category, used to be much like the word itself in English, now became a more formal word like “classification”.

I feel the change is very strange and should not be applied, also doubt if the agency is aware of the translations are going to be applied on a forum.


Thanks! I’ll forward that feedback.


Indeed, the agency employees may be fluent in English and Chinese, but they may have never used a Discourse powered forum in deep or never used it.

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====以下来自是谷歌翻译 IT IS GOOGLE TRANSLATE====
I am trying to use the custom> text replacement that comes with the forum to handle many words and sentences that are not localized in Chinese.
But the words on many plug-ins or components cannot be replaced in “text replacement”.
Is it possible to build a collaborative translation website? Everyone can translate a certain vocabulary or sentence, and choose the one with the most likes to become the official translation.

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You are looking for https://translate.discourse.org/

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Oh right~
Sorry, I didn’t look for it seriously.

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Another bad translation I find recently is the text for automatically bumped topic. Used to be pretty straightforward and good localization of ‘bumped by sys {time}”, now it’s ‘raising by’ :sweat:. Im starting doubting whether the agency really know Chinese…

Well, that’s quite a serious accusation. Can other native speakers back it up?
Mind, finding a couple of bad translations in over 56k words doesn’t mean the translation agency did a bad job.

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I would say the overall translation is not as good as the old version, if I can choose I will definitely not using this version they provided.

I don’t have an old discourse installed so can not give screenshots for comparison. And those I mentioned above are most unacceptable.

For the bumped → raised example, it’s not a literal translation. I think they may try to match specific scenario but failed in a very strange way.

And some additional notes:

Till now, most Chinese forums are still based on discuz which released 2002, the old translation lools like pretty much inherited from it (which I guess because most volunteer translator have experience with it). New translation may be more accurate(in some case) but didn’t match user habbits.

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crowdin上可以继续校对中文了, 已经被那个翻译机构改过的没办法再修改,只能投票选哪个版本翻译的好。如图


这条在问其他的中文母语的人是不也觉得这个机构翻译的很烂, 要是觉得很烂的话留个言吧,如果你不知道英语咋说

@SettingDust, @scavin, @topological, @hawm I wanted to know if you’ve had the opportunity to check if everything looks good to you or if you have the same concerns described in previous posts. Please let us know your thoughts. If you prefer feel free to send me a PM.

What to send? Strange translations or tell you whether it strange?

If possible what needs to be fixed in detail

are you a native Chinese speaker? no offense, but some of the Chinese words you use are not that natural.

I think it’s natural

It’s should be suggest in crowdin I think.
Why not the agency only suggest with a higher weight in crowdin for work with community together?

机构 是啥意思?I don’t quite get it.


For reasons of consistency we must only have a source enabled for definitive translations otherwise the inconsistencies and different styles that have been one of the major problems to be solved will start again. As Gerhard pointed out, volunteer translators will be able to continue translating untranslated strings or vote for changes on already proofreaded ones.

If you prefer you can report any problems on Crowdin, but if we forward the changes to be made in the form of official feedback, any corrections will be made more quickly.

Means agency

And I think it’s one of the most common words in Chinese