Choose locked group on signup

Is it possible to have people choosing a locked group once after sign up? | I got custom wizard💲

Context: I have 4 groups.

  • Plumber

  • Carpenter

  • Electrician

  • Bricklayer

These are all locked. Or users cannot join them other then choosing them on sign up. Because I want them to have internal conversations/topics place for the respective groups. Yet communicate with each other.

Thanks for any suggestions.

I think that there may be a way to do that with custom wizard, but I don’t understand why it’s imperative that once they make a selection they will need to create a new account to change it. What if they make a mistake or fail to join one at all? What if someone is a plumber and an electrician?

So if they get it wrong, they are just out of luck?

I think I’d make the groups be “Allow users to send membership requests to group owners (Requires publicly visible group)”.

That’s just so people can’t change group to go sneak peak in other groups. Plumbers do not want the electrician to see all shit talked about them etc.

And if there are extraordinary people with multiple jobs we might let them.

But to allow 50k+ people to change group as they want will become a problem.

I’ll ask the custom wizard crew for advice :+1:

Thanks tho💚

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