Choose the Interface UI language when creating an invite link

Hi Discourse team (and community!),

I hope you like the feature as the title suggests to be able to preset the language of the UI interface when creating an invitation link.

Our forum is in English but since it’s a global forum, we have language specific categories (as well as course discussion forums that are in different languages), so it would be nice when we’re creating these invitation links to be able to choose what the default language in the UI interface will be when a person registers using that invitation link.

As I’m requesting this feature, I’m hoping no changes will happen to the core features and functionality of the invitation links, and I’m also hoping that if the feature is implemented it will only affect “new users” who register for the first time but if the person is only accepting the link (not registering for a new account) then their UI Interface language shouldn’t change.

I hope this is well received. Thank you!

Looking forward to hearing from the community and team.

Are you aware of the set locale from accept language header site setting? With that you don’t need to know their preferred language and the Right Thing will happen.

Thanks @pfaffman for the suggestion! It might help if it’s possible, but I’m reading in another post that it will only change for anonymous users so I don’t know how it’ll work when they’re clicking on an invitation link. What do you say please?

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