Interface language issue (after invite)

Interface language for anonymous user works correctly - by detection of browser language.

Invitation language also works correctly - still the language of anonymous user.

But interface language after - when user accepts invite - automatically became the Discourse default one (f.e. English) interface language.

So members who joins f.e. in French start to see English after the registration by invite.

How to keep the same language as it was in anonymous mode / during the invitation?

An example:
Anonymous user - French
Invitation language - French
after invitation accept, when user is logined in - default, English

How can it be solved?
Thank you!

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If it’s a feature request - please move it to a best fit.
I consider this as a bug as it’s really not user friendly for communities based on “invitations only” mode.


@osioke may I ask you to take a brief look on this as well (this topic).
I’m not sure if it’s a bug or intentional functionality, but many users report related complications.
I’m sorry if that’s not your question - I don’t know who to address it to.


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Thank you for the mention! :smiley:

What Discourse version are you running?

And if you have a screen recording of this happening, that would also be very helpful :slight_smile:

Thanks @osioke
I use latest Discourse version 2.9.0.beta1
( a1adc13125 )

And it was always like this (as far as I remember).

Here is a screen record of the issue:

It’s short and it shows how interface language became English instead of initial Russian (immediately after invitation accept).

It works like this with invitations accepted with Google/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn auth.

And with this issue every user needs to navigate and change their language back just after registration by invite.


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Thank you for sharing @4ong really sorry about this, we will look into it.

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Thank you @osioke - I will try to look if I will be able to help too.

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Cool cool. We are already discussing possible ways to resolve this.

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Thanks for the detailed report, Anatol. I see this as a feature request, but I do understand the confusion that a user encounters when seeing the site in one language as an anonymous user and another language once they are signed in.

We could use a site setting here that enables saving the user locale based on the browser/OS setting on signup. Currently, we only have the “set interface language for anonymous users from their web browser’s language headers” setting, which is clearly for non-authenticated users.

Marking this as #pr-welcome, we don’t have bandwidth at the moment to take on this work, but happy to see it happen.


Thank you @pmusaraj

Ok - I will take a look if I will be able to handle this.

  1. When user don’t know the default language - it can be quite complex for him to go and change the language back to his native.

  2. In multi language communities invites often lead to some particular topic with initial how-to, welcome post…
    And that topic (or even whole category) is usually formed in the language of the invitation.

So only interface language changes to default one. And it’s quite inconsistent and not user friendly in this case, imho.

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