Sending the invitation email in another language

I have my Discourse implementation in Italian language. Sometimes I want to invite English speaking people to the forum, but if I send them the invite, they receive an Italian language email. I have then to follow up with an email with step-by-step instructions on where to click to set their interface language to English.

I’d like an option to send the invitation email in English or another language. Or, even better, a language setting on the forum - not hidden in the user preferences - but accessible directly in the home page, something like this:

What do you think?


Plus, if language override in the Discourse instance is enabled, the selector could default to the language presented by the user agent string (browser language).


Would love to have this feature, too! Any progress?

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I’d like that, too. As far as I understand the invitation is being sent in the language of the platform that has to be configured in preferences and there is only one language for the platform and it doesn’t matter which language the user uses. So to send an english invitation when I usually use german I need to switch the whole platform to english.

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