Choosing Google account when logging in on iOS Safari

Our site is configured to only allow Google authentication and restricted to our domain.

Many of our users have iPhones, use Safari, use their phone for both personal and work stuff, and have a personal google account as well as the one through Google apps at our office.

One user tried logging into our site on their iPhone with Safari and mistakenly chose their personal google account. After going through the OAuth flow, the site tells them they cannot log in with that email address, as expected. But when they try to log in again, Safari does not present them with an option to choose a different google account, so they are stuck in this infinite loop.

Has anyone run into such a thing and have any suggested work-arounds?

Unfortunately, I do not have an iOS device to reproduce this issue myself, but I had someone help me today. We didn’t have time to reproduce this exact issue, but I did witness something similar or

They did the following:

  1. clicked login
  2. clicked google
  3. filled in google account info
  4. logged successfully
  5. logged out
  6. clicked login again
  7. clicked google
    were immediately logged in, rather than given the option to choose a google account.

On chrome they get presented the option to choose a google account the second time they log in, but not on Safari.

Any help with how to work around this would be much appreciated… Thanks!

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I think this page might give me some clues about how to advise users:

I’ll need to borrow an iOS device/user tomorrow to explore further…

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Direct them to and de-authorize the forum?


Tried both approaches with an iPhone user today.

@riking your solution works for this case, but we also tried the following, which I think is a bit easier to explain to users and works in the more general case of an iOS Safari user who may want to choose which google account they sign in with:

From: Use your Google Account on your iPhone or iPad - Google Account Help

Sign in or switch accounts

To sign in to Safari with your Google Account:

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Safari app.
  2. Go to
  3. Tap your profile image or Sign in.
  4. Choose the account you want to use. (If it’s not listed, choose Add account or Sign in with a different account. Follow the sign-in steps.)
  5. Enter your password and tap Sign in if asked.

Note: You can sign in on other Google product sites, but the sign-in steps might differ.

After doing this, they are prompted with a dialog to choose the account they want to sign in with.


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