Google Login not working on WebView app

Google Login was working perfect for Discourse if we access it from any browser or from PWA. But if I try to use Google Login using WebView then it shows error.
Can someone tell me what can be the issue or do I have to configure the Google login in any other way?

Take a screenshot of the error and share it here.

This is the error I am getting.


Take a look at this.

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Consider using Chrome Custom Tabs instead, which will share the cookie jar and make login work fine.


And you can even use our new setting app association android to make the Chrome Custom Tab full screen.


@Falco @riking thank you for telling me about Chrome Custom Tabs. To be honest I never heard about this before your comments and after your comments I searched a lot about this. Although it’s a good concept but I could not find any simple tutorial to make it work.
There are Webview apps available on Themeforest but nothing such is available for Chrome Custom Tabs. Can you tell me a pre-made Chrome Custom Tabs where I can make the changes to make it work for my website and then I can launch it?