Clean up (or validate) Postgres data?


There’s been some ongoing issues with server stability with my cloud service and it appears one of them interfered with my latest update and has created some broken interface issues.

So I attempted to pull a fresh copy and do a rebuild, and it failed due to me apparently needing a further 16 gigs of disk space to update postgres.

I know my members are a chatty bunch, but this seems excessive:

I’ve done some cleanups and they’ve freed up about 16 gig previously, and the most recent one cleaned up 2.3 gig - however I was wondering if there’s any way to confirm if the postgres is fine, maybe run a cleanup on it, etc?

I assume you’ve already done

./launcher cleanup


apt-get autoclean
apt-get autoremove

You can do a full vacuum on your postgres database, too, if you want to make sure it is totally ship-shape. This can also clean up some space in the database. See How to recover from a very slow database

I’ve done a few launcher cleanups, they don’t seem to effect the postgres database size.

The full vacuum seems to have shaved 5 gig off my postgres data.

While trying to do a full vacuum I received this error (shown here after I did it again in verbose):

I also tried doing a reindex and received this error:

Is there anything I can/should do about these or just reattempt rebuilding/upgrading?

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