"Click here to activate your account" button not working

activate button is unclickable

For more info ,
Site is working on HTTPS ,
I provided email ,
I got email for activition too .
But when i open link , i am unable to press Click here to activate your account button , nothing happens clicking it

Welcome amrit :wave:

I’m unaware of such an issue.
Is there any javascript error in the console when you click the button? It depends on the browser, but usually, F12 opens the dev tools, where there’s a Console tab).

Does it work if you use the keyboard navigation (Tab ↹) to focus the button and press enter?

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Thank you for taking out your time and reply .
After messing around i got solution by turning off javascript speeding in cloudflare.
Once i turned off cleared cache everything worked just fine .
Same goes to white page error .

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