Clickable links in website and bio for TL0 newuser


I have a private discourse with only trusted members, and I need TL0 newuser links in bio and/or website to be clickable (I already use TL1 to TL4 to other specific user).

Is there any way to do that ?
JS script added in default theme ? Official plugin ?


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Hi, welcome, Alex!

About the website link, you can try to insert this JS into your theme or a component:

<script type="text/discourse-plugin" version="0.8">

api.modifyClass("controller:user", {
    pluginId: 'enalbe-tl0-website-link',
    linkWebsite: true

api.modifyClass("component:user-card-contents", {
    pluginId: 'enalbe-tl0-website-link',
    linkWebsite: true

About the Bio, I’m not sure how to do it yet. It’s handled in the backend (excerpt, stripping links).


Yes, and it is taking the most easiest path: adjusting your TLs and giving TL1 to all right away. Privat forum and only trusted members… by definition you shouldn’t use TL0 at all.

I have a feeling you are using TLs such way where groups could work much better.


Thank you Arkshine !
It works well.

Thanks Jakke, but I even if it is a private forum, I have different levels of trusted member.
Trust level settings allow some configurations not available for groups. And TL0 have even more restriction possibility.

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