Show full website path on user profile regardless of domain

I haven’t bothered maintaining a personal website for a while. The closest thing to my ‘website’ is twitter:

But if I put in my profile, it just shows up as

Why not show the full path?

(If I did have a personal website, I probably wouldn’t have a deep path anyway)



I think if that change is made “Web Site” should be changed to read “URL”

And I’m not sure it’s a good idea to allow full paths.

For example allowing
..... /page?referral_id=1234
would be extremely inviting for those that think spreading their links in as many places as possible is good SEO practice.

Personally, I’d prefer that setting not be available for TL0 members, but that’s another topic

TL0 users’ links don’t actually get hyperlinked.

I’m not sure how query parameters would be displayed with this PR as-is. (There isn’t a test covering that).

We could make sure it trims those from being displayed. How would that make you feel?

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That hasn’t stopped one-visit members from dropping links there.

One problem might be that some GETs are perfectly innocent eg.

As soon as Web Site becomes URL a can of worms is opened requiring complex code to keep it from being abused.

I’d be more in favor of a whitelist approach vs. blacklisting. eg. allow URLs like
as that is a common format. eg.

I can see no problem with that :wink:

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It already links to the site for basic members. Doesn’t showing the link make it more transparent? Wouldn’t that make it easier to police than it is now?

Whitelist/blacklist logic seems like it’s overkill to me until we find there is actually a problem here…

Plus, I can already put whatever I want in my “about” section…


Offtopic: Your twitter link in your about section doesn’t work. :wink:


Oops… Broke it when experimenting… Should be working again. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

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I think should a full path is fine adding referral stuff is rather rare … also we can simply truncate the UI after the ?

So: shows up as

No need for fancy whitelisting or blacklisting here.


Happy to update the PR to truncate at ? everything after that.

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Sure, go for it :heart:

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PR updated… turns out truncation of query params was already happening, so I just updated the tests to make that more explicit.