Clicking a search result for users doesn't do anything on mobile

I noticed that when I search for a user in the search bar on mobile and click on a user, it doesn’t do anything.

I think it would be nice if the click would take me to the user’s profile page.

What do you all think about this?


For me it competes the username and inserts it into the search bar. You can then do the search to get to the profile. (at least here)


Yeah. I noticed that it does that. Is that the expected behaviour though?

It’s certainly not a bug.


Should I change the tag to feature?

This request does not make any sense. Search for users at /users — even on mobile.

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I was suggesting this because when we search on the desktop without an @, there are two columns.

One column shows matching topics and the second one shows users. And clicking on a user takes you to their profile.

So the users will naturally expect the same behaviour on mobile too.

But anyway, its only an opinion. :blush: