Clicking next/previous in Emoji set closes the plug-in window

On our forum, we use the Babble chatbox plug-in. In its compose window, there is a button to insert an emoji, which brings up the discourse emoji set.

When I click the next or previous buttons at the lower right to cycle through the pages of emojis, the chatbox closes, losing what I typed. This also occurs when I click the background as illustrated by the left red arrow below:

As far as I can tell, this issue appears to be caused by the “.emoji-modal”, “.emoji-modal .nav .next a” and “.emoji-modal .nav .prev a” mouse click events not returning false, while the “.emoji-page a” events do return false.

As a crude workaround, I added the following script to our forum’s “/body” to temporarily fix the issue:

$('body').mousedown(function() {
  $('.emoji-modal, .emoji-modal .nav a').click(function(){return false;});

@joffreyjaffeux is re-doing this dialog so it will no longer be a modal … which in turn will make this bug a non bug :upside_down_face:


Should be good to close :wink:

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