Mobile View: Emoji Picker Click Event is bubbling up

I’m reporting a bug with the emoji picker in the mobile view.

Consider this scenario:

  • You are using discourse on a small device. You are in a thread and want to write an answer.
  • You are opening the emoji picker. It opens up as an overlay.
  • When you are clicking the emoji you want to insert, and below your clicking location, behind the emoji picker lies a clickable element (link, button, whatever), the emoji is picked, but the click event is bubbling up and clicking on the element.
  • This leads to opening up links, clicking buttons etc. - all without intention!

To prove this is an issue, I reproduced the exact issue here in this very forum (using another thread as example):

(Notice there is a link behind the emoji I pick, and after clicking the emoji, the link is clicked and the url changes).


Indeed thanks, should be fixed by