Clicking on a category doesn't filter the right topics

OK I tried, but since meta is not running one of these 3 category page styles I can’t think of a way to repro on meta.


This has been happening on my site as well, seemingly for all users (it’s at least been mentioned by multiple) and I’ve experienced it to. The first time you click seemingly any section, there will be topics from multiple sections at the top of it. When you refresh/go back then re-enter, everything is back to normal. It’s been occurring for multiple days now, my site is fully up to date and I update it everytime an update is available so it definitely occured in something last week.

Today a member said it also occured in a topic, he clicked one and apparently multiple topics were merged into it. I haven’t seen this and I’m not sure if he really meant a topic or a board I’m getting clarification.

These are my plugins



Our members are reporting the same issues in safe mode.

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Thanks everyone for the reports - this was a regression following a change I made last week. Here’s a fix:

As @denvergeeks worked out, it’s most likely to happen on forums which have the categories+latest (or similar) views as their homepage. On meta it could be reproduced by visiting in a new tab, then clicking one of the category names.

I’ll update here when it’s merged into tests-passed so that people can upgrade their sites.


That’ll be us :blush:

Thanks for the quick fix @david :clap: :bowing_man:


I am happy that I could help.

This was a really good and efficient resolution.

Thank you all who joined in the effort :pray:


Fix is now live in tests-passed - to upgrade a self-hosted site visit /admin/upgrade


I’ve processed the upgrade do and confirm that this fix does work on my site!!!


Can confirm it’s now fixed. Thank you @david!


Thanks for reopening the topic. I’ve been seeing this issue for several days on The thing is, even though this issue is supposed to have been fixed already, I can still reproduce it both on and here on Meta. My repro steps are the same as:

+ clicking New or Unread (instead of a category) also causes the issue (which I believe was already noted in this topic anyway). The only addition I have is that I’m only seeing the issue on mobile. I know that the mobile categories view is a little different from the desktop view, so is it possible an additional fix is needed for the mobile view?


I can reproduce this on mobile too.

@david is there a similar topic filter that’s used only on mobile?


This is still happening to me even after the latest updates.
It’s easy to reproduce on my site:

  1. Open a new tab and go to the forum or CTRL+R to reload the page
  2. Click any category and notice that posts from other categories are present
  3. Do another CTRL+R while inside a category and you’ll see only the correct posts
    At this point the issue will remain fixed until you open a new tab or fully refresh the homepage. If you fully refresh the homepage, the issue comes back.

I had what I think may have been a new issue with GitHub - pfaffman/discourse-custom-homepage-for-groups: Discourse theme component to change home page based on user's primary group, but sounds very much like this issue. The first load was getting the wrong set of topics, but after that it worked as expected. I fixed it by having the theme component redirect to the URL of the desired home page on the first load.

On desktop or mobile? As I reported above, I’m still seeing this on mobile, but I no longer see it on desktop.


Happens on Desktop, haven’t tried on mobile.

The issue on mobile should be resolved by

Please let us know if you’re still seeing issues after updating


Thanks for this! After this one I was finally able to make sense of the preloadStore well enough to update my Custom Homepage for Groups theme component. It will now clear preloadStore when it sets the new home page. My previous fix was to redirect on first load,which was not very satisfying.


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