Clicking on bottom of timeline causes formatting errors

(Sam) #1



  1. Go to the bottom of a topic such as this one
  2. Begin scrolling up (possibly until more posts need to be loaded, not sure of scrolling extent required)
  3. Click on the time indicator at the bottom of the timeline (e.g. “20m ago” in my screenshot) to go the bottom of the topic
  4. Panic

Chrome, Windows 10

(Dean Taylor) #2

I experienced something similar when editing the last post (at the time in that) same topic…

My edit simply added one additional line heights worth of content …

… I then found that the bottom grey line was interrupting the post actions row (including like and reply button)

Later when @codinghorror replied his avatar was to the right as OPs screen grab indicates.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yep, @eviltrout just fixed this. So get latest.

(Jeff Atwood) #4