Go to bottom of long message

An idea for a possible improvement :

When in a topic with only one post, very long post.
I.e: Cuvillier dans CRI-CRI de 1937 - Maurice Cuvillier - Wikibulles
Timeline works to go to the top, but actually not works to go to the bottom.
The only way is to drag explorer cursor.

It would be usefull one can goto the end when click on the bottom time-label, or another button…

Nice case :slight_smile:.

My 2 cents, the button ‘End’ works weirdly: needs double pressing to navigate to the bottom. Then next press to the same button returns to the top. Next, I need to press ‘End’ button three times to navigate down. And again…

The topic has now a reply.
A new topic to test : Cuvillier dans CRI-CRI de 1937 - Maurice Cuvillier - Wikibulles

Here the “end” key works well.
I had not tried using keybord before in this case :kissing_closed_eyes:

But sometime one need to maintain hand on the mouse, so a button or other availability would be wellcome (ie as shown on my printscreen) …
It would be intuitive

Just tried and clicking at the bottom of the timeline did go to the bottom of the topic.

Did you click on the “il y a 2h” text or somewhere else?

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previous topic had new reply, so bottom clic works.
It became a bad example.

Now I just edited to update the link, to show another topic with only one post.
Here is a new topic : Cuvillier dans CRI-CRI de 1937 - Maurice Cuvillier - Wikibulles

In this case click on bottom date don’t go bottom of page.

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+1 @Jean-Michel25
This single-long-post issue can be reproduced in this topic, for example.

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The timeline end click is supposed to go to the top of the last message, and when you have a one post topic, it’s the same as the first.

So you are suggesting that only when we have a 1 post topic, the timeline end click should go to somewhere around the end of the first post.

Not sure about that :thinking:


Seems reasonable but a bit of a special case what do you think @eviltrout?

What is the point of jumping to the bottom of the post? Is it to get to suggested topics perhaps?

I’ve just never expected it to work this way before.


To access the buttons?

But why go to the buttons without reading thru the post… Maybe it is a very loooooonnnnngggg tl;dr post…

Yes, to share this magic post with other people!

As a workaround, Discourse may automatically add a whisper (invisible post) after long post with a one minute delay.

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