Clicking outside category creation/edit panel closes it without warning

We’re doing a major reorganization on one of my sites, so we’ve been in the category settings panel quite a lot. With this, we’ve noticed an annoying UX quirk that has tripped us up a few times.

In the image below (cropped), if you click in the darkened area outside the category settings panel, it will close the panel without warning. This occurs with both edit and new category types of panels. As there is no warning, if you’ve taken the time to change lots of settings (like name, slug, parent, color, template, etc.) for a new category and mis-click outside the panel, you lose everything! Can this be changed such that the panel does not close (or there’s a warning) if any changes have been made? If that’s not easy to do, can the panel be prevented from closing entirely without clicking save or the X?