Forgotten new permissions in the category security tab

Continuing the discussion from Auto-add permissions/unsaved permissions prompt:

I think we need to go a bit further in this.

If you have a pending change (1) and click on save we should stop you and say that you have pending changes to apply, in a “Are you sure” thing.


should we even need to click save? I feel like clicking the add button should be enough?


I like save. It’s an extra step to ensure the permissions are correct. Without it, if I select the wrong group in the dropdown and click the :heavy_plus_sign:, they get access immediately, without an opportunity for me to fix it.


One thing that makes this slightly more complicated is the “Save Category” button applies to content on all tabs/pills right now. The warning should probably apply if you’ve made changes to ANYTHING on any section if you hit the X.


Hey @Osama can you take this one? It should be pretty straightforward but let us know if you encounter any issues.


PR for this:


The save category button will trigger the warning if the user changes one of the dropdowns and doesn’t click the plus button. They can click save again and it will ignore the pending change and save anyway. Clicking the plus button will reset the trigger, so if they don’t change the dropdowns after clicking the plus button, the warning won’t be triggered.

Also I changed the plus button color to primary so it stands out a bit more.

Does this sound OK?