Clicking site logo in Category view does not reload content


Not really sure if this is a bug or intentional.
if ‘top menu’ setting is set to ‘categories’ first, clicking the site logo does not refresh the page content.

This can be tested here on meta by clicking the view buttons along the top of the page. click latest twice, content reloads. click categories twice. second click has no effect. (only the categories view is affected) My own discourse instance is set to categories as default and a user reported this behavior on mobile.

I understand if this is intentional as the categories list should not change much. But, the recent combined ‘categories/latest’ view should have this behavior available.

Hopefully I explained it well enough.


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I think a FAR more important feature to attack first is “live update” for the “latest” list in the mixed view. This is a tiny issue compared to that.


Sam, while I’m sure there are many issues that are more pressing than this one, I just reported the one that was affecting me.

I just feel like the underlying issue that is affecting you is that the latest list never updates there, so we got to sort it out first.

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Fair enough, I understand. However, I believe the issue also affects mobile users (who don’t see the combined Latest) and those Discourse installations who have only the basic ‘category’ view.

OFF TOPIC - Please tell me how you got that smaller font in the middle of your sentence! I really need this!

I am a smaller font

I am a <small>smaller </small> font

Thank you so much @sam !

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I feel this is a legit bug @eviltrout

Here’s a fix for the home logo issue: