Cloning to server with WordPress SSO

I have a bit of a challenge related to SSO and, in particular, cloning from a production server. I want to clone my production server to another server for various reasons (dev, testing, etc). I’ll explain this with an example,

Let’s say my production servers are www (WordPress) and forum (Discourse). I have SSO running and all is well.

I also want to have, say, www2 (WordPress) and forum2 (Discourse) and move the entire contents of the forum server to forum2. Let’s assume I have DNS all configured and so on.

My planned process is to…

  • Backup forum
  • Save settings on forum2
  • Restore the backup to forum2
  • Restore the settings I saved (from forum2)

If I am NOT using SSO this is all pretty solid. But with SSO I have a problem. After the restore, forum2 is now pointing to www (not www2) as its SSO authority, so I can’t even log on.

How / where can I modify www2 after the restore so that I point it to www2?

Thank you.

I just figured that if I configure SSO on forum2, to point to www2, before I restore from the backup then that would be in the settings I save.

Would that work (I can give it a try, but if anyone has any insight in whether this is the best approach I’d appreciate it)?

You can bypass SSO login on forum2 after the restore by going to Enter your admin email address into the form on that screen. An email will be sent to you with an admin login link. Once you’re logged in, adjust your SSO settings.

Thank you, Simon. It’s not working for me for some reason. I simply get redirected to www for SSO when I enter /u/admin-logon. But maybe I’m missing something and will do some digging.

Sounds like exactly what I need though :slight_smile:

Working now, with thanks.

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