Cloudways + Digitial Ocean with Discourse Setup - Need Assistance

Good morning,

I have been trying and failing (:slight_smile:) for the past week to setup discourse on DigitalOcean and have it connect to my Cloudways site.

Server: Cloudways
Email Server: Elastic Email on Cloudways
Discourse Droplet: Digital Ocean

I have Wordpress based site on Cloudways “” I’m trying to setup Discourse as a subdomain “” I went through multiple guides and simply cannot get the server to show discourse or the domain to point to the droplet. On installed, I want the wordpress and discourse connected via the plugin.

If someone is familiar with this setup, I would like to pay to have this completed and working properly.

Please let me know if you can help.

Thank you.


I’ll be happy to help.

You can use to create a new droplet and install Discourse there. You’ll select " Pro Installation (Custom SMTP) ($400)" to use your custom SMTP setup. That’ll get Discourse installed.

If you have an existing droplet named, please delete it before starting the installation. The script will create a new droplet with its SSH keys installed.

If you purchase that I’ll also help you get WordPress connected.


Hi @Excel_Buddy

I can help with that, please send an email to and we can get this done.

Thank you for your help Bhanu. The installation went perfect.


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