Digitalocean 1-click Discourse install

I am getting an error while trying to complete the Digitalocean Discourse 1-click install.

Checking your domain name . . .
WARNING: Port 443 of computer does not appear to be accessible using hostname:
WARNING: Connection to (port 80) also fails.

The droplet’s IP address is The nameserver for is TMDhosting, and using the cpanel there I have the following zone records for the domain:

NAME                          TTL  CLASS  TYPE  RECORD     600   IN    A 600   IN    A

On checking the firewall settings by running:

sudo ufw status

I get:

To               Action      From
--               ------      ----
22/tcp           LIMIT       Anywhere
80/tcp           ALLOW       Anywhere
443/tcp          ALLOW       Anywhere
22/tcp (v6)      LIMIT       Anywhere (v6)
80/tcp (v6)      ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)
443/tcp (v6)     ALLOW       Anywhere (v6)

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing? Many thanks in advance.


I think DO one click is not a community-supported setup. I think you should reset your droplet instead and go ahead with this one.


Thanks @fzngagan. I didn’t appreciate that.

I have posted similarly to the Digitalocean community support forum. If it gets solved there, I will post the answer here for the potential benefit of others who may find themselves in the same situation in the future. Otherwise, I will kill the droplet and have another go with the method you outline here. Thank you again for that.


Thanks again @fzngagan. With no responders to my plea for help over on the Digitalocean support community, I killed my first droplet and started again following the instructions you shared with me here. Worked first time. Cheers!


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