Code Review: Issues Migrator

My apologies if this is the wrong place to post this, but is there any plan to include functionality similar to the GitHub Issue → Discourse migrator again? We would love to use this in the kubernetes project and a few other OSS projects I know of.

We close support issues that are posted to github and ask them to repost over on our discourse forum. If there was some migration capability built in, we could add a bot command to move them over automatically when flagged and provide a link to the user.


Oh, it sound like you are looking for a more permanent solution here. Have us regularly scan issue list and copy / close.

I guess workflow wise a good solution would be for you to tag stuff with kind/support and then if we see any new support issues we would close on GitHub, open on Discourse, add a post that links to Discourse.

There would be a bunch of work needed to make something like this happen, we would need to extend our Discourse <-> GitHub plugin ( we only do linkbacks now. But it is certainly feasable.

I don’t think this fits into the code review plugin though so re-tagging.

Is this the type of work you are looking at sponsoring? If so I can move this to our team inbox.


My apologies for the delay in response.

Caveat - I’m not super familiar with how the discourse-github plugin works, but one potential idea might be if a project can trigger a call (webhook) containing the issue # in question, could it fetch the issue/create a post it as a topic/then post a link in the issue back to the topic?

That way what triggers the action of fetching the issue and comments is on the onus of the repo maintainer. It could be a GitHub action, probot plugin etc. They can also decide if they want to auto-close the issue or leave it open.


To follow-up on the last bit, not yet at this time…potentially in the future though.