Collapse button in PMs should collapse list of users

As a user who doesn’t have access to our forum’s settings, I was doing some testing to see if there was a cap on how many people we could add to a PM at once. I ended up adding a bunch of inactive accounts to the PM, but in the end it got pretty annoying to scroll through that list of users to get to the reply area. Here’s a screenshot of how bad it got:

Of course, this extreme amount of participants is an edge case, but even with only two to three rows (6 to 11 users) participating in a PM, I can see that list getting annoying. The collapse button should hide the list of users. Currently it only toggles between condensed/expanded view for Frequent Posters.

Isn’t this a bit “it hurts when I do this [weird thing nobody actually does]”?

I hear you, but isn’t the simple workaround… don’t do that?

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6-11 users doesn’t seem like anything extreme.

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