Removing Welcome and Returning User notes from posts after a set time

They have caused confusion in a couple of cases where browsing the historic posts has given a misleading impression of what the post notice meant. For example:

Discourse claims that someone didn't not post for 6 years but posted in September 2021

"Last post" message apparently wrong

Notice about user not seen for a long time above post they just wrote

I think the older post notices can be hidden from individual sites using a little CSS:

However, I think after a certain window of time these notices become relatively meaningless and serve only as extra noise, which I think applies to all sites. It would be useful if these notices could tidy themselves up after their usefulness had passed.


Makes sense to me.

It seems there is already code to de-emphasize the notices (that’s what the “old” css works on). From the linked post, that happens after 14 days. Maybe remove it completely after that?


Maybe it would be a good idea to just have .post-notice.old: display: none; shipped in the default CSS so people can always override it if they want to. That makes the change very small and it leverages the existing .old functionality.


If you don’t own a discourse forum, You can use Stylus Chrome Extension and add the code provided in the post to hide it :slight_smile:

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Would that effect only those automatic notes this topic is about or would it also hide the staff notices after two weeks?


The CSS in page code doesn’t appear to differentiate new/returning user notices from staff notices, though these are very different types of notices. So, as near as I can tell, suppressing old notices via CSS suppresses all of them.

I would like to hide old new/returning user notices, but absolutely to retain the staff notices. Wondering if anyone can think of a workaround for this (short of asking Discourse to include tag classes in the CSS)?