Color Scheme Contest: Winners!

Continuing the discussion from Color Scheme Contest (with Prizes!):

Over the past week the entire Discourse team participated in voting on our favorite color schemes. In a surprising turn of events, we ended up with 3 submissions tied for 2nd place, topped by one clear 1st place. As such, we decided to do away with the 3rd place whilst increasing the total prize pool to accommodate the 3-way tie. Without further ado, the winners are… :drum: :drum: :drum:

In 2nd place (a), “Entry 1” by @itsbhanusharma!

Preview Theme

While simple, it’s an excellent example of how a few tiny changes in the right places is enough to give your Discourse site a distinct look and feel.

@itsbhanusharma will receive $350 and their submission is highly likely to be bundled in core Discourse (pending a name change :wink: ). Thanks, and congrats! :clap:

In 2nd place (b), “Vintage Beach” by @canapin!

Preview Theme

There were many wonderfully colorful submissions, but Vintage Beach struck just the right balance, adding a new stroke of paint whilst keeping things clean.

@canapin will receive $350 and their submission is highly likely to be bundled in core Discourse. Thanks, and congrats! :clap:

In 2nd place (c,) “Latte” by @mikechristopher!

Preview Theme

What can we say, Latte is as unique as they come! Not every brand will have a bold enough visual identity to match this theme, but Discourse is all about being extensible enough to accommodate those niche communities with that extra bit of personality.

@mikechristopher will receive $350 and their submission is highly likely to be bundled in core Discourse. Thanks, and congrats! :clap:

In 1st place, “Grey Amber” by @Flower_Child!

Preview Theme

We received a handful of dark color scheme submissions, all of which could’ve easily gone in the top 3. But with its soft grey and deftly tuned yellow color contrasts “Grey Amber” set itself apart from the pack, swaying the majority of the team in its favour.

@Flower_Child will receive $500 and their submission will be bundled in core Discourse post haste. Thanks and congratulations! :clap: :clap: :clap:

A big thank you goes out to everyone who participated in this contest. We had such a blast seeing how far you could push Discourse’s design with just a few simple color tweaks. We also identified a couple of potential improvements in our color scheme editor.

Besides the top3 there were several other schemes eligible for inclusion in core. We’ll be in touch after we get our bearings.

We will announce the next contest in a few weeks, which will allow CSS & HTML.


Woah! Thanks a lot! :star_struck:


oh wow thank you!! :heart_eyes:


Congrats to everyone and @Flower_Child for such an inspiring design!


Can’t wait to test these out - great job everyone!


:blush: :blush: :blush:
great job everyone and tysm


All of these are so awesome :tada:


I like the Latte theme :smiley:

The other ones are very conservative ( :zzz: ) in my opinion

In the next contest I hope to see some more colours :rainbow:


I want to use Grey Amber on Meta! Do we to use the three winning themes here?


Naturally! You can now enable it through user preferences or the hamburger menu (though it’s a tad glitchy right now since we’re working on some changes there).


Awesome, how do we get Grey Amber on our forums? (I’m self-hosted)

If you’ve updated within the past couple of days there are new color schemes available in the wizard