Where can I find the dark amber theme?

Hi all! As part of yesterday’s update debacle, I deleted the dark amber theme from my site. Now I am seeking to reinstall it but am not finding the github repo url anywhere. What am I missing? Has it been renamed or taken offline?

The closest I can get to it is Color Scheme Contest: Winners! where there is a link to preview it, but there is no github URL that I can find.

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It’s a color scheme and not a full theme, it’s selected in the wizard step at /wizard/steps/colors. The theme should be created again when the wizard is re-run, but it would also set it to the site default.

You can recreate it manually using these colors:

"primary": "d9d9d9",
"secondary": "3d4147",
"tertiary": "fdd459",
"quaternary": "fdd459",
"header_background": "36393e",
"header_primary": "d9d9d9",
"highlight": "fdd459",
"danger": "e45735",
"success": "fdd459",
"love": "fdd459"

Thanks, Kris! Is this the same as choosing grey amber when editing a theme? I guess I am still coming to grips with this functionality - haven’t had to mess with this in a while. :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s the same. So you could apply the Grey Amber colors to any existing theme, or create a new theme and use that as the color scheme.


Hi, how do I duplicate the default “Light” theme to make a new theme, and then apply the “Amber grey” color palette to this newly created theme? Thanks

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I think this is the best way to do it. I just tried it and it worked.

  1. Go to admin → themes → light
  2. select EXPORT at bottom
  3. select INSTALL and choose file you just exported
  4. once installed, select it on the list of available themes, give it a new name so you don’t get confused, then select color palette and then grey amber

Thanks, it worked well.