Too many subcategories...? 🤔

I’m having an interesting challenge of potentially having too many sub-categories.

For context, the challenge I see with our current implementation is that in our current implementation there is a near-infinite # of sub-cats that we could add and so this current implementation is unmanageable and unscalable.

One thought is to blow away all of the sub-cats here and use tags… but that is going to be pretty disruptive and confusing (at first, at least). Some folks of our community have suggested some other design implementations as well but I don’t like adding tabs into the design.

Thoughts on managing this growing issue?

Tags. Do it and do it now. You are building an unsustainable architecture and it isn’t going to become any easier to change.


I’d be curious what folks think about (ab)using groups as tags for this too :wink: