Comment, Question, & Discussion Level Agreement Voting - is there an extension?

We have been looking for a discussion board that gives insights into comments, questions, and discussions that are beyond likes. We recently discovered a platform called that offers post and comment level voting like Disagree, Partly Disagree, Neutral, Partly Agree, Agree. Here are some screenshots: - Album on Imgur

We like it, but the cost is monumental. Might be worth investing our money in an extension for discourse, but does one like this already exist?


If all you need is a way to react with 5 different options for every post (Disagree, Partly Disagree, Neutral, Partly Agree, Agree), all you need is to install Discourse Reactions and create five custom emojis for each of those.


Thanks, that is an option, but we also need to be able to mathematically compute those reactions into a score.

It’s more like providing a rating for each comment and displaying the average score.

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Where would you display said average score? If only for a staff users, you can compute and query it with a custom Discourse Data Explorer query.

If you want that on the front-end publicly, you can write a good spec and post your budget on the #marketplace to get offers.