"Communication Style" as part of a user's profile

I’ve been pondering this for a while, especially since the AI sentiment integration, and after a discussion with @maiki. What I’m wondering is, would it be possible to have next to a user’s username or in their profile a short description of how the person tends to behave or communicate? It could be light hearted and whimsicle, for example:

“Forgive Dave, sometimes he speaks a bit more directly than others(but he always means well :slight_smile: )”

Or “Simon is extremely friendly, you may need to search through the friendliness to find his point”

Those are just some very off the top of my head examples. The main use case here, is that we all know people who simply communicate in a way that isn’t the friendliest at times – even though they mean well. Or perhaps someone who is simply a bit quirky in how they say these things. If you are familiar with their style, then you can read it with understading. However if you are not familiar with that person, and it is your first interaction with them, certain communication styles can come across wrong. Directness can be seen as rude, friendliness can be seen as false, and some quirks are just too strange to the reader to see through.

I wonder if something like this would be possible, and if possible would it work in practice?