Community icon inside your product - a UX problem

Hi all,

I’m creating community for our SaaS product. We want to place our community not only on the website, but also inside our product. We’ve been wondering how other SaaS owners categorize it - should it be under “help” icon, should it be separated, should it be inside the users’ profile section. Any tips, ideas, case studies?



What is the purpose of including it in your product?
Do you want to provide Help, do you want people to enrich their profiles? Answering this will naturally show where to put it :slight_smile:

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Actually we want to make it a bigger part of our product. I mean, not just the addition but a part of it. We want our users to give us feedback, discuss their issues with the others etc. Intuitively, it should be in the “Help” section as you expect some advise there - how to do that, how others did this etc. On the other hand we’re a bit afraid that nobody looks into the Help section inside SaaS products.

I don’t think this necessarily holds true :slight_smile:
Here in the Netherlands, there is a new startup bank, called Bunq, and they fully integrate a forum in their app; seems that if a bank can make it work, any industry can.

Think you are on to a good idea, probably very worth it to start testing it out.

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We’re also considering place it under the profile picture - into the “user’s profile” section.

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