Configure Groupme provider with the discourse-chat-integration plugin

This #howto describes how to setup the Groupme provider included in discourse-chat-integration .


If you haven’t already, install the discourse-chat-integration plugin


Set up GroupMe Developer Account

The provider is configured to work the GroupMe bot API. In order to create a bot, you will need to log in to their Dev Portal

  1. Log in to the Developer portal, click Bots in the top menu, then click Create Bot

  2. Give your Bot a name

  3. Leave Callback URL Blank

  4. Provide an uploaded image URL for your Bot
    Note: The plugin allows you to set up integrations to as many separate groups as you’d like, so if you want to set up posts to go to multiple groups, create multiple bots here

You’ll see your Bot is now created and you should see both the Name you gave it and a Bot ID. You will use both of these in your Discourse Admin Setting for Groupme

Setup Discourse

  1. Head over to your Discourse instance and filter your site settings Chat Plugin for groupme <your-site>/admin/site_settings/category/chat_integration?filter=groupme

  2. Check the chat integration groupme enabled option

  3. Use the Bot Id and Groupme group names in the corresponding fields.
    Note: if you are setting this up for multiple groupme groups, make sure that the bot IDs & groupme instance names are in the same order

  1. Setup some “Rules” for your channels, according to the discourse-chat-integration instructions.

Note: Channel identifiers should match the GroupMe group name you entered in step 7.

Another Note: If you want to send the messages to every GroupMe group, enter “all” as the GroupMe Instance Name

  1. Click Test on one of the channels to check everything’s working. You should receive a message in your GroupMe chat

Also note that the integration does not including photos in the messages since GroupMe requires you to upload the photo to their servers and including the link in the message post. Figured the feature could survive as a first pass without it.


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