Configuring Patreon integration with Discourse

Ah gotcha. Yeah I assumed it was syncing data somehow - but that only happens if they create an account on Discourse with a matching email address to their Patreon account.

Whereas Discord does some sort of user matching thingy. Too many “Dis” apps. :slight_smile:


Exactly we download your patrons list, so when this new user sign up on Discourse, he will be assigned the group membership right away.


It’s a bit confusing how to add badges to a whole group we create.

For instance, adding a money-related badge to users in group patron.

I referred here but I don’t really understand what a badge query is, or how to run it.

Is there any plugin which exists since the post 5 years ago, that can do this?

By default Patreon plugin will create the “Patron” badge automatically and the plugin will grant it to the users in “patrons” group. You can change the badge name, image, icon and etc., in the url

If you want to grant a badge to users in other group then you can follow below topics.


I see no Patron badge.

I created the patrons group and they were assigned with the group title correctly; any reasoning for this?

You may renamed or removed it accidentally. Or you may created the patrons group even before installing the Patreon plugin. I never heard this kind of report before. Now you have to run these lines in rails console to create a badge manually. Or use the admin UI to create the badge and don’t forgot to include the SQL query.


Everything appears to be setup and working correctly. But for whatever reason, when I press “Send test” on the Patreons Webhooks page I don’t get any response at all. i.e. The button presses, the loading icon kicks in for a moment but nothing actually happens. I’ve validated my Webhooks Secret. Thoughts?

EDIT: I only get a response for the first 3 deprecated options

You need to use the deprecated ones I think.


If existing users have already used SSO (e.g. Facebook) to register on Discourse, then will Patreon still be able to match the accounts?

I want to assume the answer will be “yes” because SSO just grabs their email address anyway. Obviously, assuming the email address fetched from Facebook is the same as their Patreon.

However, I’d like confirmation. Thanks :+1:

Yes, the new webhooks are still in beta.



Hello everyone!

So let’s say that I have created multiple Patreon accounts associated with my website (all are relevant to my forum community), is it possible for me to integrate multiple Patreon accounts into Discourse/ have different private groups for all of my different Patreon groups?

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No. I’ve asked this somewhere as well.

However, you may be able to do it with a Zapier integration. Please let me know if you get it working.

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Ah bummer!

I’ll look into this “Zapier” and get back to you. Thanks for the tip!

Why do you need multiple Patreon accounts?

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For me it’s multiple podcasts from a single organization, each with their own Patreon account, and each with their own group on a Discourse instance.


I’m actually asking on behalf of someone else.

It’s the exact same situation that @jtbayly just described.

You should either create multiple Patreon levels or have multiple discourse instances.

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No. We shouldn’t. Lol. Makes sense for most cases, probably, but not this one. Thanks for the advice though.


I don’t get the automatically created patrons group in the droplist. If I bypass that issue by manually creating a Patrons group, I can import the patrons into my Patrons group, but they do not have the group flair or badge tool.

The only possible cause I can see is that we do have an existing Patreon badge, which we have been awarding manually.

I have verified we do not have an existing patrons group (although it’s possible we did manually create and delete one months ago).

I don’t see anything in /logs.

The group has to be named “Patrons” exactly in order for the badge to work. I know that.