WordPress SSO hides Patreon social login?

Hey, I use my WordPress site with SSO for my hosted Discourse, and I also have a Patreon. I’d like to start offering my Patreons some Discourse benefits, so I’ve fully configured the Patreon Integration.

The problem is, the default Discourse login screen (where the Patreon social login button would appear) is changed to the SSO WordPress login page.

So is there a way for the two plugins to work simultaneously?

There is another relevant topic on the two plugins, but it doesn’t answer this specific issue.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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Yes, any SSO disables other login sources. The first S in SSO stands for Single. You’re delegating all sign-on to another system.

You could experiment with logging in your Patreon users via WordPress.

Failing that, if you want Discourse to allow multiple login methods you may need to revisit your WordPress SSO integration.


Ok. Syncing users with WordPress is essential for me, it is the core of my user management. So it sounds like there are two options:

  1. Get rid of SSO and develop a ‘Log in via WordPress’ social login button on the default log in screen, so that users can use either it or Patreon.
  2. Keep SSO but sync the ‘Patreon’ columns in the WordPress user database (from the WordPress-Patreon plugin) and develop a custom plugin that copies the benefits of the Patreon plugin for these users.

Both options seem non-trivial. I’m not very experienced, but are you aware of any other way to offer Patreon benefits for this use case?

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Wordpress already supports signing in with Discourse. Where are your users originating from?


All users originally created an account on my WordPress website.

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It sounds as though you should be shooting for patreon integration to your website, then extend the SSO payload to include that data.


Ok, thanks so much for your help.

This won’t be on my roadmap for a least a few months.

If anyone else is interested in this feature - send me a DM and we can collaborate.

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You don’t need the Patreon login in Discourse to offer Patreon perk to Discourse groups using the Patreon plugin.

You can use the Wordpress SSO just fine, and enable the plugin sync and it will all work. As long as the emails match, we can find the patrons no matter how they log in.


Wow that is huge!! Very happy about that. Thanks for your reply.