Connection with associated accounts get disconnected

this “connect” button has been seen for one of our users as he comes to our forrum:

then as he pushes on the button, he gets this error message:

Sorry, we are unable to issue user API keys, this feature may be disabled by the site admin

does anyone know what has happened? and how we can help the user?

Weird any ideas on this one @pmusaraj?

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@Pad_Pors that Connect button, if I’m not mistaken, is part of the whitelisted mobile app code. Is it possible your user is using a version of that for your site but the user api keys aren’t correctly configured?

Two possible solutions: ask user to use a regular browser (the whitelisted app is really not necessary on Android), or check your site settings and make sure user api keys are enabled.


Thanks for your help :+1:

done! and hopefully this will solve the user’s problem.

it’s been activated, as it was before. so far only one user has reported this connect button, and we haven’t changed any setting regarding the API keys. do you have any guess about what’s going on?

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