Convert Existing Plugin to do Discord to Discourse role/group sync

What would you like done?
Convert this fork of this plugin to work Discord → Discourse instead of Discourse → Discord.
The reason I say the fork and not the original is because I prefer everything to be fully automatic sync and not command-based.

Basically the workflow on my Discourse is there’s zero account registration on Discourse itself - all authentication options except Discord are disabled, so I want people with roles on Discord to be automatically assigned to groups on Discourse.

When do you need it done?
Couple weeks. Flexible.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?
$50, flexible.

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I like the idea you have here, but unfortunately I’m afraid $50 will not likely cover full development of a plugin. Forking and modifying in this instance is more like a whole home remodel vs. updating the kitchen due to the requested features.


Yeah, I realize it’s not a small task, however we’re a very small community and basically using Discourse as a live document warehouse. We simply don’t have much cash and I’m hoping someone sees this that was already looking to do it and wants to make some money at the same time.


I’m interested in this also. I have an immediate need to sync roles from discord to discourse for access that is managed on the discord side. It would be great for it to sync to my forums. What do you think the cost would be to get this done? I’m easily able to contribute more than 50, up to a couple hundred USD if this can get done soon.


I am also interested in such a plugin and would be willing to contribute at least 50 USD as well.


@alanman @LKNickname I am maybe interested in creating this. Please send me a message with your exact requirements and the version number of your discourse instance. I understand it would be something like this: 1. a custom setting on discourse groups that would let you specify a discord role id. 2.every time someone signs in, his discord roles get pulled in via the discord api and he gets added/removed according to his discord roles.
EDIT: the actual plugin turned out differently: the discord roles are synced instantly not only on login. Here is a video on how it works:


I would accept a PR to my repo so long as the functionality is generic, anything automated switched on/off with settings and anything unique to an instance is held behind a setting.

The structure of the plugin makes this fairly straightforward. Most of the work is already done.


I will reach out in a direct message. Thanks!


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