Copy and paste image link without formatting

When I right-click on an image and go to “copy image” and paste it somewhere, a formatting like

How do I make it paste only the image link and not this formatting? I know that if I right-click and click “Copy link address” or “Copy image address” only the image link will be pasted, but I want this to be possible in “Copy image”

I want to remove this automatic formatting I want only the link to appear

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All of them are browser buttons. Not Discourse buttons.

And I think Discourse can’t do anything about that.

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Yes, they are browser buttons, but for some reason, only in discourse (other forums don’t do this, like Wordpress + bbpress) when you click on “Copy Image” this code appears with the link, instead of the link alone

An example from other forum and Discourse

yes, how do you take it off?

They are the members of my forum, they complain that the “Copy image” button does not paste the gifs and they are not used to using other buttons, then every day someone comes to complain…

It didn’t solve it, that formatting still appears, instead of the pure link

When we drag and drop image it should be formatted. Right?
when we drag and drop = when we copy and paste. (in discourse)
That’s why It’s like that. I think.

If your users want the link to the image, they are going to copy the link.

If they select Copy Image then the image is placed into the clipboard. There is no link to paste. Pasting an image uploads it to Discourse and we turn that into markup that tells the server what to load.

If they select Copy Image Address or Copy Image Link then the link is placed into the clipboard and they can paste that.


But that’s the question! In my country, WordPress is very used (and other forums too) and on these sites / forums, you use the Copy Image command and you can paste image or gif anywhere, it happened that only in Discourse this does not occur, is pasted that code. I have no problem using the “copy address copying”, but my users, just like all of my country, are very accustomed to using the “copy image” and make them against a command always used by them is very I would like to know if you can not get it out on the Discourse, make it only the link to be pasted when the person uses the “copy image” and that does not stick that entire code! Would be so simpler when you use copying image, only the link was pasted