Copy-pasting Discourse images content outside Discourse

I’d find it weird this behavior hasn’t been already discussed, but I couldn’t find any info using the search. Maybe I’m not using the right keywords.

When you select and copy the content from a Discourse post containing images and paste it to anywhere else, it keeps markdown local image formatting with the upload://(string) syntax, making the image unrendered on the target field (whether it’s a google document, another forum, etc) and it’s annoying, especially when there are a lot of images.

Example: if you select all the content from this post:, including the image, and paste it on meta, here’s the result (in a codeblock so you see the syntax):

I am surprised nobody broke a part in 3 years (the thread may have been forgotten :wink: ).

Got a surprise 2 weeks ago when I found my muni crippled in the basement:


This pic was taken after I remove all the loose spokes (where the flanges broke) leaving 2 spokes on one side and 12 on the other (it is a 36 spokes hub/rim).

To be fair @MAD4ONE documents clearly that this hub is not meant for extreme use, should be built with Sapim Strong spokes in 4 cross pattern.
I had the wheel built by a pro but the Siamese wheels workshop forgot the 4 cross (or found it overkill?).

It lasted a good 4 years as I am far from being a muni grandmaster :stuck_out_tongue:

I was having some creaking noises for a while and thought it was a spoke tension issue. But the workshop guy checked and everything was good so he told me it might be spokes rubbing at the crossings (never was keen on greasing the spokes at the crossings as he suggested if I really wanted to get rid of the noise).

I am in the slow process of pulling the last spokes and realizing I am missing a few tools (some I never bought like bearings puller and some I have lost like a spoke wrench). But numbers seems to look encouraging for rebuilding with a KH hub I have and these spokes (that’s some silver lining). To be continued in the “lastest build” thread hopefully :crazy_face:

Is there any workaround, or do we have to manually replace the link by the absolute URL of every image we’ll encounter when copy-pasting from a Discourse forum?

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Not sure, this is a question for @sam, what should the behavior be?

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Any thoughts here @sam?

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The workaround would be to copy the “preview” vs raw. I can not see any easy way to resolve this when clicking Ctrl-c