Could Topic Timer Functionality be Extended to Posts?

Problem Example

Today we had a reply like this:

@Tris20 you might find this useful

And that’s it. All of the reply.

What’s wrong with that?

  • :heavy_plus_sign: Useful in the short term
    • :bell:Sends a notification
    • :wave:Brings user to platform
  • :heavy_minus_sign: Useless in the long term
    • :no_entry: Doesn’t further the discussion
    • :mailbox: Purpose is served as soon as notification is sent

These kind of post will become a bigger and bigger problem for us as we begin to scale across the company. I’ve seen it on our un-moderated platforms and it becomes a very contagious behaviour.


I would :heart: a Post-Timer so I can set these posts to be deleted after a week or so. This keeps the value of sending the notification, whilst retaining the quality of posts on the platform.

I can only see the auto-delete function being useful, but somewhere I saw a proposal for auto-archive. Perhaps auto-unlisting would be a good addition as well.

Why not use Topic timer and delete replies?

Many of the replies are useful. We want to target specific replies like the one in the example.

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