Just curious, what is the use of 'Replies on this topic are automatically deleted after a month'?

Have seem some topics have this notification at the bottom of replys, what is this used for?

And, is that a function can be enabled on self installed instances?



Its used mostly in topics where you have docs and you want to keep the topic free from old replies / clutter etc. After a set period of time you can automatically delete the replies. If a post has 5 or more likes it does not get deleted. This value can be changed by this setting skip auto delete reply likes

This feature can be used on self installed instance


At the more frivolous end, it can be used for game topics too. We have some A-Z, Last Letter, etc chain-style games, and having a topic timer allows those to be cleared out automatically so they don’t bloat out. :+1:

We’ve even used it as part of the game structure for a couple, where the timer is set for 1 day and the idea is to keep the ‘chain streak’ going for as long as possible before being wiped out back to the OP/stub post.

Probably not useful to more serious forums, but thought I’d throw it in for good measure. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can this be enabled in a way that selected replies are kept?
The use case would be to build up a FAQ-like list of useful comments bellow while removing clutter, keeping the question and the answer or something like that.


The ones with 5+ Likes are kept, as @ondrej explains above. However, you can copy and paste any useful information from the comments/replies and add it to the OP if that’s a better place for it.


I can only find the setting for skip auto delete reply likes

Where can I turn on and change the # of days for auto deleting replies on a topic? Or, better yet, can it be set per category?

Nevermind. I found it in the Topic Timer settings on each topic.

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